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Preparing Your Car Wheels for a Motorsport

You have seen motorsports on TV and you would like to be on the track someday. You love speed and everything to do with car racing. Besides being trained and practicing how to be the driver of a good sport, you should also learn how to prepare your car for this.

One vital part that should be prepared is the wheels. This is because the strain on the wheels will not only cause wear and tear, but it’s also a safety hazard if they are not prepared.

·         Have the Wheels Aligned and Balanced

Just like with a normal car, if you are in motorsports, you have to ensure that the wheels are balanced and aligned before starting the race. If this is not done, there are high chances you will lose control of the car and every extreme bend will be dangerous. This is something that every driver dreads and to reduce the risk, get the wheels balanced and aligned.

·         Steering and Suspension

If you realize that there are clunking sounds or excess play when you move the wheels from the steering wheel, you should have this sorted out completely before the race. If there are such sounds, it means the wheel bearings are not in good shape and they will limit the movement of the wheels when you are on the track.

·         Warm up the Tires

Just before you get on the track, you should warm up the tires. You do this by taking several laps, as this will prepare the tires by making them as hot as required. The friction is eliminated at this point and the car will move faster than those that are never warmed up.

·         Change the Previous Tires

A car sport makes the tires tear and wear. The strain is what causes this. Before you start the race, you should have new tires. When your tires are worn out, it causes the car to be unbalanced which is a huge risk while on the track. This is one reason you will see drivers change their tires often.

As you plan your favorite race, it’s important you prepare the car and ensure that the wheels are in perfect condition. This improves your safety and those of other drivers on the track. It will also help you to be in more control of the car that can easily lose balance when the wheels are worn out, unbalanced or not aligned properly.