How to become a professional athlete

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A lot of men and women today want to become a professional athlete. But only a handful of them knows what it actually takes to play a sport for a living.

Take for example my buddy who had a lifelong dream of being a professional footballer. He trained ferociously adding tens of hours on top of his already busy schedule. However, even with years of determination and commitment to the sport he never made it to the big league.

Some say that practice is all you need. Others say the true superstars are born talented. Whatever it is, he never made it. Coupled with some serious injuries he suffered while snowboarding he was forced to hang up his boots on his professional football career.

In a total career change, he now manages a successful SEO company in Australia called SEO Sydney Solutions. Even though things are looking up I know has some disappointment he never made it as a pro footballer.

What can you do to achieve success?

Below are some of the most popular professional sports:

  • baseball
  • basketball
  • boxing
  • soccer

If you really want to become a professional athlete, then, this article is for you.

Do you need to go to college?

Many wannabe athletes think that they don’t need a college degree. But is that true? Below are two reasons why you should attend college before becoming a professional athlete.


  • The sports lifespan of professional athletes is usually very short. Many professional sportsmen and women often retire at a very young age. A college degree is going to create a window for you to pursue another career later on in life.


  • Scouts that seek talented athletes often love to go to colleges in search of them.

Next, we are going to be looking at a couple of things you need to have in order for you to become a professional athlete.

1. Sight

If you have serious eye defect, you likely will not be given an opportunity to play.


2. Reflexes

You need to respond very quickly to things happening around you. If you are sloppy and not well coordinated, you will not be selected


3. Perform under pressure

When things get difficult, what will you do? Will you crumble? Or will you stand your ground?


4. Discipline

Every coach loves to work with players who are disciplined to the core. If you are not disciplined or you can’t forgo easy pleasure for things that have greater significance, you likely will not be selected.


5. Travel

If you hate traveling or you get very sick each time you travel to a new place, you may not be selected because professional athlete travels a lot.


Going pro

In order for you to become a professional athlete, you must do the following

1. Training

Your training needs to be intense, rigorous and continuous. If you can’t train hard, you likely will not be able to get into a good shape or play very well.


2. Start early

As mentioned earlier, the lifespan of professional athletes is very short. So it is best you start early.


3. Grade

Having a good grade is going to increase the odds of you getting selected by a scout.